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About us

The RTT Group of Companies was established in 1999. Recently, the Group has been diversified in to the manufacturing of a widely varied range of decorative, industrial, primers/undercoats, solvents, ancillaries, chemicals and wood care finishes under their brand ‘Amigo’ and “Jaguar” – a household name in Sri Lanka.

The company supplies, manufactures, high quality wood-finish products are designed to exceed the performance requirements of Sri Lanka’s variable climates and provide excellent value to the customer segments we serve.

The company is ISO 9001 2015 certified and has a documented waste disposal policy. It takes its social commitments very seriously and contributes to a wide range of civil and religious organizations on a regular basis.

Our people make the difference! We maintain a knowledgeable support staff with years of service and training in the specialties of paint.

RTT Coatings only develops and produces environmentally friendly, high-performance products that meet the most recent technological standards and high quality standards, environmentally friendly and innovative products, short delivery times, high flexibility and outstanding customer service. Our customers are at the center of all our efforts and activities. We live by this focus on customer service and consistently put it into practice; for both internal and external customers.

We will achieve our status as amongst top 10 companies with committed, loyal, communicative and technically skilled colleagues. New skills such as teamwork, accountability and self-study are existential properties essential for success in a constantly changing environment.



We appreciate each other, our cultural diversity, our different viewpoints and opinion differences. We have learned that we can come to an agreement and can agree to disagree. We appreciate that in our core we are all the same. We are all one.


Courage is an attitude that allows one to create new paths, not follow the ones already made; to sail into ‘blue oceans’, to burn old bridges and find the strength to build new ones.


We firmly believe that our TEAM Spirit is a key success factor to the leadership position RTT has achieved. To us 1 + 1 equal 3.

Often times, we experience how powerful the intelligence of a group is. Through gatherings, meetings and workshops, we always manage to bring this group intelligence to the surface. Our open concept meeting format, sitting in circles with no tables, lets the energy flow, listening, speaking and having dialogues encourage this ‘surfacing’ of intelligence even further.


Openness for RTT Coatings has two dimensions; SPEAKING and LISTENING. We SPEAK to each other openly and honestly and we listen carefully with unbiased views.

We practice what we preach which makes us genuine and trustworthy people.

Walking the talk makes us reliable leaders.

Listening, as a second dimension of openness, means we are open to other people’s viewpoints. We learned that listening means much more than letting the other person finish the sentence. Listening means accepting what the other person is saying without any prejudice or preconceived notions.


Enzo Ferrari, the Italian race car driver and entrepreneur, defined his success by two values: ‘Passione e Potenza’ (Passion and Power) in what we do. Passion need not be explained, it can only be felt. Go out there and feel the RTT power!


Have you ever stopped to think about the fine line between accepting and respecting someone? Respect is on a much higher level. Respect for each other prompts ‘fair play’, which means ‘We kick the ball, never the person.’


Trust is one of our strongest foundations. We trust one another.

The basis for trust is that ownerships are clearly assigned. Everyone in the TEAM knows what they are responsible for, what part of the value chain they own and what portion of the process depends on them in our quest to achieve customer satisfaction.

Trust is built over time. It starts from the moment you join RTT. A simple rule we live by: ‘If you employ them, trust them! If you don’t trust them, do not employ them!’


We develop and produce innovative and environmentally friendly products keeping in mind the least impact on resources, so we can contribute to a higher quality of life. We are fully aware of our social responsibility.

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